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  • Capitaland global assets under management exceed S$123 billion after buying Xingqiao & ascendas in June 30

    Capitaland global assets under management exceed S$123 billion after buying Xingqiao & ascendas in June 30, and Capitaland will become one of the largest diversified property groups in Asia, covering more than 200 cities in over 30 countries, including office buildings, shopping centers, industrial park, industrial and logistics property, commercial complexes,urban development projects,residences, apartments and hotels.   The total assets under management in China are nearly S$260 billion, with a total development scale of 23 million sqm. Since entering China in 1994, Capitaland has owned/managed more than 200 projects in 42 cities.

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  • Adidas to build new Asia-Pacific headquarter in Shanghai

    Adidas to build new Asia-Pacific headquarter in Shanghai Adidas announced a plan for Asia-Pacific market this month to build a new Asia-Pacific headquarter in Shanghai to grapple with ever-changing demands of shoppers and market trend, corralling The Great China, Japan, Korea and South-east Asia and Pacific region into a holistic Asia-pacific market. Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted and Managing Director of the region are present at the opening ceremony with its brand ambassador David Beckham. The Shanghai location is playing as a base of the company’s Asia-Pacific region to help it expand the fastest-growing market with more shares than North-America. Adidas has planned 10,000 new openings in China this year, just as it has added in the country last year.

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  • Why Did Hema Fresh Get so Popular?

    Hema Fresh is an amazing shop that Alibaba has explored for two years in the new retail. It is not only a leading brand in the new retail for Alibaba, but also the first to achieve a large scale profitability in the new retail. Hema Fresh, as a platform in new retail, has opened 13 stores covering Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo, and  one store traffic rose the highest point-20 thousand visitors for a day. Despite that it has been in operation only for 17 months, Hema Fresh has made substantial gains. Many renowned developers express the tremendous interest in Hema, making it in hot pursuit. You can have a taste in site scene of the processing and your food can also be delivered in 30 mins. Omni-Channel Layout,Unique Pattern One of the biggest issues driving the decline of retail store traffic is various choices for customers. So how to attract customers? How to cut the cost? What is the most effective way? It is important to find a way direct impacting on customers. Hema Fresh find his way. Hema Fresh is a new retail, not a traditional retail or O2O. Its overall developing pattern is clear: off-line store is working for acquiring customers, and online store as the key point is focusing on home delivery pattern. At present, its online and offline sales respectively accounted for 50%, and online sales performance will attributes more to the sales in the future. Offline shopping combining with online shopping: online store is quickly and easily for customers to search stores and commodities, while offline store can meet  customer's good experience. Retail must reach store and home very well to insure that goods can be timely and efficient engaged with consumers.   At present, the main path of transferring traditional retail into a new retail is to change the omni-channel, and smart phone APP will be the key for omni-channel. Over the last two years, hundreds of Hema workers spared no effort to design their own unique sale system and their own APP just for Hema. From shopping, Alipay to APP order, we called cashless self-payment, which is the leader in the new retail. Various Formats, Fresh Food Hema is a new retail platform of data and technology, setting supermarket,catering and market into a store. Hema adhere to “Original Oversea Food” and “Local Food” purchase directly. Original Oversea Food Hema introduces high-quality fresh oversea food everyday delivered by dozens of flights from all over the world, insuring fresh food with the fastest speed at customer’ hands. Local Food: “Fresh daily” Fresh daily food only need about 8-9 hours to prepare: pick vegetable (last night) - package - start selling, and fresh vegetable are dated and in different packaging colors (corresponding to different color every day) , and with the brand new concept, customers can enjoy the freshest food everyday. As to the localized straight mining, after picking vegetables in the various vegetable bases , then night packaging, they will be on sales next morning. It just takes 8 hours during the whole process. Fresh vegetable are dated and in different packaging colors (corresponding to different color every day) With that brand new concept, you can enjoy the freshest food. Eating after buying. In Hema, customers could select cooking methods after buying the fresh food, waiting for a moment, then enjoying your delicious in the store. Free Delivery in 3 Kilometers within 30 Minutes Hema Fresh integrates with large data, mobile Internet, smart Internet of things, automation and other advanced technology and equipment, achieving the optimal matching among people, goods and place, from supply chain, storage to delivery, Hema has its own complete logistics system, which greatly enhance the logistics efficiency. Hema District House According to the Hema relevant persons, official customer service have received more than 1000 calls from developers hoping to cooperate with it. A new word “Hema District House” appeared in Shanghai Morning News. In order to eat Hema fresh food, one Shanghai residence, who is a Hema loyal fans, move to a house nearby Hema. Hema Strong SKU provides a foundation of ingredients, condiments or staple food. Hema also supplies finished or semi-finished products for young customers who have no time or can’t cook, and Hema APP has lots of teaching videos.

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  • TOP 50- The Most Popular New Brands

    Source from Yingshang Commons: A. pursuit of health and beauty B. Formats integration C. Group vice brands frequently occur to seize market segment place D.  More category brands appears

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  • ofo: A Over $700 Million in E Round of Financing Completed

    On the morning of July 6th,ofo announced that a over $700 million in E round of financing has completed after Mobike’s $600 million fund finished. Alibaba, Hony Investment and CITICPE jointly invested, and followed by Didi Chuxing and DST, CEC CAPITAL as the exclusive financial adviser. Actually, Dave, CEO of ofo, has said that E round was nearly finished at the end of June, and the money will be use to expand, and he also referred to, by the end of this year, ofo plans to provide with 20 million mobikes and cover around 200 cities in 20 countries(Japan,Spain,France, Germany,etc.except for some countries ofo already expanded, like America, UK, Singapore) For now, ofo has covered over 120 cities, and has over 6.5 million mobikes, and about 25 million daily orders.

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  • Who Said Brick-and-Mortar Retail Has Died? Watsons Planning Opening 4 stores Everyday

    Watsons owned by Li Ka-Shing plans to open 4 store everyday. Last years Watsons sales increased by 22% in China, which is the fastest growing market. Malina Ngai who is the CEO of Watsons said that we plan to open 1,400 health and cosmetic Watsons and Superdrug stores, which over a third stores will be located on China, because Watsons and Superdrug in China is so popular that we could recover the costs within one year. In stark contrast to Watsons, these luxury brands, like Mark& Spencer, LV, Burberry, is on the decline. The secret of success is site selection and rent. Watsons set up stores at the large traffic place, like train station and street, not the expensive shopping center, which is good for lowering the cost, more accurately, the rent. We all know that Chinese rent is  a major concern for brands, and make retailing stores uncovering the cost within 2 or 3 years. Euromonitor, a research institution, reported that Watsons has more than 3000 stores in over 430 cities, accounting for nearly 30% of whole cosmeceutical market. But when it comes to online stores, the sale is overshadowed, which promotes Watsons to develop technology using$160 million in the future 3 years, aiming to reach at least 40% growing rate each year for online stores.

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  • MeiZhou DongPo Restaurant Lost $100 Thousand monthly! How Restaurant Getting Out?

    The oversea road for Chinese restaurants is tough and struggling despite of the money future in oversea market. Wang Gang, the president of MeiZhou DongPo who just attended 2017 World Fashion Leisure Catering China Summit on June 25th, said although our American expansion is gradually putting on the right track, and 4 stores has already opened, over $20 million investment MeiZhou DongPo has lost to the amount of $100 thousand, so it’s not hard to see that the future for Chinese restaurants as ‘both promising and perilous’ Mr. Wang also mentioned that although American MeiZhou DongPo is 5 years old, still at a loss, so he would like to tell all Chinese restaurants that America has less tax rate ostensibly, but the high hidden cost exists, and many disputes are attribute to the differences in the cultural background between the work force and management, like recruitment and working taboos, employees’ age, marriage,appearance, height, etc. The management difference is so obvious that MeiZhou DongPo cannot use the same Chinese management system, whether it is training or product system, therefore, management cost is going high dramatically, for example, labor system in California clearly outlines that 1.5 times salary for 8 to 12 hours a day, 2 times salary for over 12 hours a day and 1.5 times salary for over 40 hours a week. Beverly store planned to open on July 1st of 2013, but have to delay on middle-December, because of the complex inspection from design drawing, decorative materials to all processes of construction , and all costs have to be taken by itself. Therefore, the difficulties can not be imagined for Chinese restaurants who want to go abroad, just because of the differences between east and west, and we could not simply copy brands and products. 

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